January 7 cancer astrology

An old flame could be just a reminder of some of the dreams you had, before reality slapped you in the face! Ceres the counsellor helps us look at any potential affairs psychologically, can see the bigger picture and nip them in the bud. Take a cold shower! It is very likely your schedule will be jam-packed for the next year, but whether it is reflected in your wage is another matter.

In terms of work experience though, this period is invaluable, so think of this as an apprenticeship. If you have been employed for a while and starting to feel enslaved by your job, Jupiter will really exaggerate the whip-cracking. This is not the right time to actually leave and try for a better position however. Next year would be better in terms of finding benefactors , so be patient and work on a leaving strategy. The backdrop for your decan is the Saturn opposition from Jan 1 to Dec Unfortunately this a tough transit no question, but just quite how tough depends on how Saturn is configured in your natal chart.

The battle that ensues can make or break you, but fear not, for those with a strong Saturn it will surely be made, so get in shape! A healthy body means that the mind will also be fit and less likely to fall into a defeatist mindset. The blues can only hit badly if you are already in a weakened state, through addictions, bad relationships, lack of exercise or a bad diet.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 7

The Lilith opposition from Jan 1 to Feb 6 will show up where you will need to really put up firm Saturn boundaries. This is where those bad, forbidden temptations will show up in the form of seductions and tests of will power. This temperance is rewarded by the Venus trine from Feb 11 to 18 which will bring out the more positive manifestations of the Saturn opposition. A relationship could become more solid and dependable or you could find commitment where you never expected it.

On the other hand, the Venus square from Mar 7 to 14 heralds a challenging phase where any new partnerships will call for more commitment on your part. It will demand that you accept responsibility for your actions and behave in a more mature manner. It might be the case that you actual inspire respect from those people you have been co-operating with. The Mercury Retrograde is in your sign from Apr 4 to Apr 15 which will help you review any collaborations that are not working well. Saturn is about discernment so during the retrograde is when you have to get really fussy about who you choose to work with.

The Venus conjunction from May 20 to 27 will show you who your real friends are. Take this time out to go and have some fun after the stress of the last few hard aspects. Everyone needs a break at some point! July Onwards. The second half of the year Saturn continues to give you some hard knocks, but some of them are useful and educational.

This transit is the planetary equivalent of going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, you will get knocked down by life more than a few times, but you will get up again and again, and again…. This boxing match only happens every 29 years, so it is helpful to prepare a year in advance. If you have seen this coming then you are a wise Cancerian indeed. If you have made it this far and are still standing then you will have built some solid psychological muscle at least.

This muscle will really help you with the Saturn square in 7 years time. But back to and the Venus square from Aug 7 to On its own it is just a little glitch in your social life and you should be able to sail through it well enough. The Ceres square from Sep 6 to 27 might be a little tough to chew as in-laws or female authority figures become irritating and pile on the chores.. Again there is this repeated theme of having to accept more responsibility and in the process having to say no to temptations and distractions that sap your energy.

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You have limited energy resources so discernment is the key. The rest of the year has a beautiful sequence of harmonious aspects. You are lucky enough to get a double dose of the Venus trine the first one being from Sep 9 to Venus retrograde this year ensures that Venus will be deeper and richer with her slower action and this will work in your favour.

Venus will almost work like an outer planet, so almost as ethereal as Neptune. This takes love relationships to a higher, spiritual level which is a nice balance to the Saturn opposition reality check that is working in the background.

The Venus Retrograde trine from Oct 12 to 31 can bring an old flame back from the past, or at least an old friend returns from their travels. The sensual and earthy Ceres trine from Nov 12 to Dec 4 is perfect for getting in touch with the ancestors or connecting with mother earth. If you want to do any home entertaining then now until the end of the year is perfect. No bumps for Cancer decan 1 and you should easily sail through the final Saturn opposition which ends on Dec 20 , just in time for Christmas!

The passionate Mars trine from Nov 16 to 30 gives you a boost of energy and helps lift you from any Saturn melancholia.

The light is at the end of the tunnel with the gorgeous Venus trine from Dec 3 to You can really enjoy the festivities as all the hard work has been done. These trines have helped heal any sore psychic muscles that have been working so hard through your Saturn winter. It might be cold outside still, but you can already feel spring!! Cancer enjoys the benefits of the Jupiter trine this year. First from Jan 1 to 20 and then again when it goes retrograde Apr 26 to Sep Jupiter loves the great outdoors, and with this transit you could be called to go exploring.

You will benefit greatly from hiking through nature, riding horses or just horsing around with the kids while having a picnic. Your energy levels are boosted sky high and you are feeling joyful and upbeat.

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Laughter is one of the great gifts of this transit and you might find yourself reduced to giggles at the smallest thing. Your cheerfulness is infectious so you could attract new friends or partners into your life. You could use these times to take a holiday as it should go harmoniously without any travel hitches.

Take off, be happy and let your hair down.


Cancer Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

You can use this time to make money or spend money, but whatever you do have fun! This will greatly inspire imagination and intuition. You have the last of the very transformative and exceedingly colonic action of the Pluto opposition from Jan 1 to Feb 5.

Cancer 2019 Yearly Horoscope - True Sidereal Astrology

The lord of the underworld will return for his swansong in the second part of the year, but you get a break for a few months now. The Venus opposition sees the arse end of any vampires that were bugging you from Jan 3 to 9. After that, you can look forward to the very refreshing Venus trine from Feb 19 to 26 which, when glossed over by Neptune, makes for a lovely romantic segment in the run-up to spring. During this time you can conduct a post-mortem of just what went wrong with a failed relationship or business project. You will learn much. Up until the end of Mars there are some challenges.

These start with the temptation of the Lilith opposition from Feb 7 all the way to May 7. On its own it would be just some idiot trolling your life or a vamp who wants you as her new plaything. Add in the Venus square from Mar 15 to 22 , plus the Mars opposition from Apr 5 to 23 and you get a triangular comedy of errors.

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Jupiter comes back into your life to protect you from Apr 26, so say goodbye to the most difficult part fof the year. Hurrah, with Jupiter back to expand your horizons you can really enjoy the Venus conjunction from May 28 to Jun 4. Use this time for romantic exploring or artistic expression.

The Pluto opposition is back for its final detox from Jul 14 to Dec In fact, you might actually enjoy it as Jupiter is the perfect white knight and will give you great courage to face anything. Plus Jupiter is usually a winner! You will get his chivalry again from Jul 1 to Sep 18 ensuring a fun summer. The Venus square from Aug 19 to 27 will hardly be noticed. Sometimes a Venus square is actually quite spicy when surrounded by easy transits. There just might be some minor diva behaviour from yourself or other females.

In the end, Jupiter has your back and gives you the confidence to wittily retort these sour-faced harridans. Watch their jaw drop so heavily that it makes their bones rattle. This prepares you for the Christmas season of chimes and trines. All these harmonious aspects will help the period go swimmingly and give you the patience of a saint.

The first of these is the Ceres trine from Dec 5 to Very good for being a gracious host and being wise and tolerant of misbehaving youngsters Or elders..