Capricorn monthly horoscope for march 2020

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While mistranslations abound during this time, a message that was previously lost may finally arrive. Watch out for misplacing your belongings—but also keep a look out for things you misplaced in the past, as they may pop up now. Running into people from your past is also very likely!

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March 6 is a major day this month, so mark your calendar, Capricorn: Uranus enters fellow earth sign Taurus, there's a new moon in Pisces, and the sun meets Neptune. Fresh ideas flow in your creative projects and exciting new developments in your love life arrive, too.

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Thank back to May through November of —issues that came up during that time will come up now for you to work while Uranus is in Taurus. The new moon in Pisces asks that you sit still and listen as messages—from people and from your own intuition—are on the way.