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I call the DESC the Gateway; as such the experiences we have gained through our initiation and that which we meet at the Gateway will be a determining factor as to whether we will be propelled upwards towards greater socialization; or whether the troubles we encounter may then send us back into the self, to gain more employment skills, and gather more information about the nature of relationships through the next phase of 7 years. These phases are all determined by Saturn of course.

With Scorpio at the Descendant, one is likely to encounter deep transformational influences at the Gateway; apt to experience struggles dealing with control and power through others; also the potential for anger or violence from others as well This then can be a determining factor in moving upward towards the hoped for success and achievement at the MC; difficulties met at the Gateway can interfere with the goals we decide to make. It is important to remember that the horizon line represents how the consciousness is affected through early experience, and the axis between the 1st and 7th Houses represents the Self vs Others.

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Truly yearning for a deep, genuine, intimate bond where we don't have to pretend. Pluto Scorpio stellium on DC. Originally Posted by DeLaSoul.

We can see it sparkle in a sunflower or a poppy. We sense more of the unfathomable mystery in a butterfly that flutters from a twig--or in a goldfish swimming in a bowl. But we are closest to God in our own soul. Only there can we become one with the greatest mystery of life.

In truth, at very rare moments we can experience that we ourselves are that divine mystery. I have taurus venus ascendent with scorpio conjunct saturn and pluto descendent. Having just finished my saturn return i feel like i've been in some crazy locked down mental state where i don't want anyone to know about me and when i have to be around people i'm totally self conscious about how i come off.

Clinton Soule. Mars as lord of the 7th! Pluto co-lord by the Modernes. I've seen some hard personalities from this but I think William F. Lilly was right in that ' Saturn ruled 7th is very hard I think an afflicted Saturn may be harder if lord of 7th and badly placed, at least that has been my experience! Tags descendant , scorpio Thread Tools. All times are GMT. The time now is AM.

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Have you read the FAQ? Scorpio descendant. Natal Astrology A place to discuss yours and others' birth charts after you post your own birth chart interpretation. Thread Tools. Join Date: May Posts: Scorpio descendant i find this the worst descendant to have what are your thoughts? Find all posts by ocho.

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There is often an instant, magnetic attraction between sister signs, but they require a fair amount of attentiveness and hard work to overcome initial differences. The most difficult part of this relationship will be before it even begins. With their restless and sociable natures, it can be tough for others to tell when either a Gemini or Sagittarius is interested in getting to know someone romantically or otherwise. However, once the initial stages of mutual attraction are allowed to develop into a genuine connection, the relationship becomes a true adventure. Gemini and Sagittarius couples need only realize that giving up being single does not mean giving up their passions — even better, it means pursuing those passions with renewed energy and a cheerleader by your side.

This is a hike-together, travel-together, take-cooking-classes-together type of relationship. Any conflicts that arise later in this relationship can be discussed and solved with minimal effort. Cancer and Pisces are both water signs, which is the element known for its sensitivity. They share many emotional tendencies: Both signs are idealistic, tolerant and sympathetic; vulnerable , yet always looking to heal other people; finely attuned to the needs of others. Together, this couple will create a highly nurturing environment, a space in which these guarded people can feel safe.

These signs are also highly imaginative. They both love to daydream and fantasize, often looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. For other signs, it can often be difficult to break into these little bubbles, but there is an inherent understanding between a Cancer and Pisces couple. They know when to pry and when to back off. Both signs rely far more on their instincts than on logic to work their way through problems. This overlap will serve this couple well in disagreements. Both Cancer and Pisces have profound emotional range but also an incredible maturity.

This is another sister sign pairing with similarities far less obvious than Gemini and Sagittarius, but no less charming. The Leo sign is dominated by YouTube stars, Instagram influencers and people who look impossibly perfect from any Snapchat angle. But it is not to be taken lightly: these lions hold company with the likes of Coco Chanel and Barack Obama. In short, they are leaders with style. Aquarians are generally seen as outsiders — maybe a little nerdy, maybe a little artsy, maybe a little rebellious.

When together, people take notice.

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Leo gravitates towards the spotlight and Aquarius knows when to let Leo have it. Conversely, Leo is more than happy to lend an ear whenever needed. As bold, opinionated people, they both love to talk, listen, debate and offer their own opinions. Leos and Aquarians are generous, idealistic, creative and independent: They are humanitarians at heart. They value the thoughts and emotions of other people, prizing loyalty above nearly all else.

This humanitarian nature applies inwardly as well, as these signs are especially adept with introspection.

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Together, they are committed to a process of side-by-side growth and personal development. They both desire to be originals, and both demand respect.

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The relationship is a breeding ground for mutual admiration. Both of these earth signs naturally exude strength and conviction. Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs, renowned for their intelligence, rationality and put-togetherness. They know what they want and they know how they plan to get it. They may prefer privacy — known for sharing themselves with the public very selectively — but could run the world if they wanted to.

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  6. It only makes sense for the two signs to join forces. Both signs need a lot of time to warm up to people, but when they do, they rarely cool down. Virgos and Capricorns are uniquely capable of establishing this sort of connection as they share so many values: determination, pragmatism, maturity, resilience. These signs are some of the most committed in the zodiac. They are both more unshakable with their aspirations and mindsets, working methodically, appearing poised, constantly in control.