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Keep calm and manage your time effectively. You may also experience headaches and sore ankles. Money will come easy to you, supporting you if you decide to take time off for your own pleasure. Love When it comes to matters of the heart, expect an abundance of positive energy, fun times, good luck and excellent levels of communication. If single, you may want something completely different and will be open to dating someone from a different religion or culture. Soul mate Expect to attract a generous Leo or a Sagittarius. You may also attract your complete opposite in the form of a Gemini who will keep you on your toes.

Virgo will interest you but not for too long — their view on the world is too narrow for you. Work Sturdy relationships with colleagues and a harmonious work environment will be important to you.

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Money All good karma relating to money will find its way back to you. The key now is to take all that good fortune and invest it into something that will bring you long-term interests. Health Your gut will be affected the most, so stick to lots of healthy fibre and concentrate on your core — think Pilates and yoga. There will be a recharge in money making and work will require a lot of the written word.

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Looking for love? There is a high chance of meeting someone through work or friends, so go to as many social events as possible! Soul mate A sensitive Cancer will intrigue and challenge you as they are your opposite. Gemini may come into the picture, as well as Sagittarius who will expand your world. Pisces will also offer everything you need to bring calm into your ambitious world.

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Your wisdom and knowledge will be sought after. Your work will also benefit from any additional courses. Money Improve your financial status, as money-making efforts will intensify. Mastering technology will help you with this, especially where you can connect with a lot of people online. Take breaks in between to avoid burnout. It will be important to calm your nerves as nervous tension may arise. Opt for natural treatments such as teas and your range of B vitamins. Breathing exercises will also help. Look forward to an enormous abundance of creative vision and energy, with plenty of good fortune financially.

Topics such as marriage and children will arise, which may leave you feeling uneasy at times.

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If single, be prepared for a lot of flirtation when you least expect it! Soul mate The first half of the year sees you attracting a fellow Aquarius, fun-loving Leo, mysterious Scorpio, stern Capricorn and an adrenaline-loving Aries. Work The beginning of the year sees you feeling restricted with too many responsibilities.

Money is coming your way — hang in tight! Educating yourself on how to best invest your money will pay off. Expect some financial dealings with your mom or someone who you see as a motherly figure. Health Make sure your eyes are OK: book an appointment with the optometrist. Any heart conditions that arise must be tended to straight away.

Eat foods that are heart healthy , and get your blood pumping everyday with at least 30 minutes of exercise. Love Expect deep transformational change in matters of the heart. Expect sizzling, off-the-charts sex with lost of experimentation between you and your partner. And expect to question your values in love and what you honour most. Soul mate Big players right now will be a Pisces, who will understand you deeply; Sagittarius, who will open your eyes to many new things; and Scorpio, who will love you just as you are.

Work What matters to you most is that you get to express your creative genius, while being acknowledged at the same time.

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Money There may be shocking revelations with your bank account. You may owe more money to others than you expected. Time to take charge of your credit cards! Money matters will become easier as you develop the necessary skills. Health Make fitness your main goal. Start swimming — your Pisces nature will love it. The magazine, which was founded in , was originally called Glamour of Hollywood. Glamour has become well-known for its Woman of the Year Awards, which recognize women in the public eye.

Many on Twitter are reminiscing about what the magazine means to them and sharing their disappointment in its departure from newsstands:. Wow, Glamour will become a digital-only publication. This made me sad.

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There is still value in print magazines. Oh, this is a real shame. Glamour has been in print since It is sad to see the legacy women's magazines being phased out—many, like Glamour itself, have been covering a lot more than beauty or fashion since they were founded. Took that audience seriously as readers and those authors seriously as writers.

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While Glamour staff members said Ms. Newhouse Jr. Fuller's resignation since , when Ms. At the time, Cathleen P.

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Black, the president of Hearst Magazines, had asked Ms. Fuller to consider editing Harper's Bazaar, the year-old Hearst fashion monthly, and Ms. Fuller had even discussed with Mr. Newhouse breaching her contract; she was sternly reprimanded by Mr.

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Florio for considering that option. Last summer, buoyed by reports of sluggish newsstand sales for Harper's Bazaar, Ms. Glamour's poor newsstand performance recently has been mirrored by many other magazines. But for a large magazine that depends on the newsstand for half its circulation, any downturn is considered serious.